About Brandon Maye Motivational Speaker
Brandon Maye Motivational Speaker

About Brandon Maye


Brandon Maye is a popular motivational speaker, best selling author, and swiftly rising entrepreneur. Brandon is taking the national public speaking circuit by storm, delivering energetic and heartfelt messages of hope, perseverance, and determination. His words impact and resonate through each audience and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


A native of Mobile, Alabama, Brandon grew up with a love for football. He was a two-star high school prospect that many NCAA Division I universities overlooked, though, in 2007, Brandon signed a football scholarship with Clemson University. During his time at Clemson, Brandon flourished and became an All-American on the football field and a stellar student in the classroom, graduating cum laude in Sociology.

At the end of his junior year at Clemson, Brandon had already achieved his undergraduate degree. He was now faced with the decision of whether to enter in the NFL draft or continue his schooling as a graduate student. Brandon took this opportunity to continue his education, as he hoped to become the first in his family to achieve a Master’s degree; a lifelong dream. Brandon continued to play football and still hoped to sign an NFL contract after completion of his graduate degree.


During his graduate studies, news traveled to Brandon that his grandmother was very ill back home in Alabama. After much deliberation, Brandon transferred to Mississippi State University to be closer to home and to support his grandmother in her time of need.

Brandon then joined the Mississippi State Football team and amidst fall training camp at MSU sustained an Achilles injury. Though a devastating injury, Brandon continued to play while injured throughout his senior year of eligibility. After obtaining his Master’s degree, Brandon was elated to have been asked to mini camp by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though during physical examinations his world was crushed. His Achilles tendon had been permanently damaged and needed reconstructive surgery, so much so that his NFL career was no longer achievable.


Brandon battled suicidal thoughts for months after his football career had been so abruptly ended by injury. After struggling with himself and his current situation, Brandon decided to use words to express his pain and he put pen to paper during the surgery recovery process. It was during this time that Brandon penned his best-selling novel, “Diamond in the Rough”.

His success as an author drew Brandon towards the public speaking circuit. Brandon’s presentations are complied of his own personal experiences of disappointments, setbacks, tragedies, stories of humble beginnings, among so much more. Brandon delivers dynamic, challenging, and motivational messages meant to reach a wide variety of audiences.

Today, Brandon is CEO of Diamond Legacy, LLC and travels the country to inspire thousands to achieve greatness and activate their desperation. Brandon also keeps busy as CEO of Brandon Maye Enterprises and founder of The Brandon Maye Foundation, both of which strive to further educational opportunities for today’s youth through academic enhancement programs and academic scholarships.

Brandon Maye at Clemson University