About Brandon Maye Motivational Speaker



Prepare your team, students, or employees for change! Every message is tailored to fit the needs of each audience. Brandon uses a keynote presentation to accompany his speeches, provide a visual aid and enhance his messages.


  • Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Vision/Purpose
  • Navigating Through Uncertainties
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Maximizing & Capitalizing On Each Opportunity


  • Best Is The Standard – Athletes will be challenged to put forth their maximum efforts in the classroom, on the field, and in life…each and every time! Good is no longer good enough!


  • One Heartbeat – Athletes leave each presentation understanding the importance of teamwork. Commitment to success is key and success will come when each member of the team commits to that common goal.


  • Process Over Prize – Athletes are goal driven individuals. When a personal goal is met performance may dwindle. With no vision or purpose athletes become burnt out and lose their drive. Brandon ensures that athletes leave each presentation with new fire and passion for what they love most.


Brandon’s keynote presentations have become highly demanded after speaking to the Clemson University Football Team before their undefeated 2015 season and #1 NCAA College Football ranking.


  • Go Pro In Life – Brandon understands the struggles that athletes face when their sports careers have come to a close. Brandon’s presentations equip athletes with the tools necessary to transition smoothly into their careers.
Motivational Speaker


Go To School > Stay In School > Engage In The Process

  • Unlock Your Future – Students will be hungrier than ever in the classroom! Students will be shown the endless possibilities that an education will give them. Their dreams become more of a reality after each presentation!


  • Outsider – Society has created an illusion that rock stars, sports heroes, and television stars are the true measure of success. Students idolize the material things in life and Brandon challenges his listeners to let their own light shine, to stand out and be different. Students leave with a new level of confidence, purpose and determination to explore what they are truly capable of achieving.


Brandon’s success has given him the upper hand to aid companies in outperforming, out selling, and out lasting the competition.

  • Be Legendary – Average is no longer an option. Employees no longer will view their job as just a job. Everyday is a new day and everyday employees will show up with a winning mindset. Brandon will help create a positive competitive atmosphere for your employees to foster better performance and teamwork.


  • You Are Valuable – Would you like your staff to know their worth and value to the success of the company? Many employees struggle to see their value in a large workplace. Brandon ensures his audience will return to their jobs knowing that their particular position is a valuable part of the team and company as a whole.


  • How Are You Built? – Brandon understands that work comes easy when the going is good. However, what about when adversity strikes? After Brandon delivers his messages employees will be resilient during rough times and come out on top.