About Brandon Maye Motivational Speaker


What others are saying…

“We have a really coachable group of girls, but I am very hard pressed to find speakers that connect with them in the way that Brandon Maye did. Just talking to them afterward, it really inspired our players. Anyone who can get Brandon to speak to your team know…. it’s going to be a “HOMERUN!” Great young guy, a real inspiration, and a great motivator! We are definitely going to have Brandon back to speak to our girls before the season is over!”

– Coach Terry Canova, Head Coach UMS Wright Women’s Basketball


“Having Brandon talk to our team was a tremendous experience for our guys. He was able to relate to players in a way that was very unique. He can really connect with your team and your players in a way that not many motivational speakers can. He did a great job making the message personal. I personally questioned whether he had been in our locker room throughout the year as a fly on the wall! That says a lot about the pride he takes in his craft. He will know exactly what your team needs to hear and deliver it in a way that they can take the message with them through life. It’s not one of those speeches you get fired up about and minutes later you forgot everything that was said.”

– Will Wade, Head Basketball Coach, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


“What an awesome job Brandon Maye did speaking to our football team. To be honest, it’s a message everybody needs to hear, not just football teams. He talks about activating your greatness and some great points on how to do that. It was a life-changing event. I got a lot out of it personally; to be a better coach, husband, and parent. Whether it’s a school, business, or whatever; if you get the opportunity to bring Brandon Maye in…do it because he is going to inspire you and help you, your team, or your company to activate the greatness that’s inside them.” 

– Dabo Swinney, Head Coach, Clemson University Football Team


“Brandon gave a powerful presentation that went straight to the heart of our guys. We have a lot of speakers come in… sometimes it’s fluff, but not today, today it was real and it hit our guys. The players were zoned in from start to finish. This presentation was definitely life changing for our football team.” 

– Joey Jones, Head Coach, University of South Alabama


“Tremendous event! Brandon really touched and reached all our student athletes. It was everything I hoped for it to be and much more, which was certainly confirmed by the response afterwards. The kids stayed around and surrounded him, wanting to take pictures, and get social media tags. The students wanted to just touch him. That’s rare! I would recommend him to anybody. He took our student athletes here at University of Mobile to another level.” 

– Joe Niland, Athletic Director, University of Mobile


“I want to thank Mr. Maye sincerely for coming to Fisk University today. He has been a phenomenal experience. He has not only added value to the students, but he has added value to me. I am now motivated to give myself the best year yet!” 

– Tiffany Manor, Assistant Director of Academic Excellence and Student Performance, Fisk University


“Many of the students have been referring to Brandon the rest of the day. His passion and inspiration is truly a gift; but how very special it was to see the energy he poured out into the minds of our students. I never witnessed so many young people locked in and engaged during a motivational speaking presentation. He filled them up and then challenged them to release their greatness. Brandon’s delivery is captivating and presented in a way that was easy for young people to understand the message and then carry out the instructions using real-life, relatable life stories.” 

– Jean Downing, Director of Teen Alcohol and Drug Awareness Organization


“Brandon came to Dodge Elementary as a representative of the Senior Bowl and spoke to our 4th and 5th grade students about importance of academics, setting goals, and staying focused. Students were engaged throughout the whole presentation.” 

– Dr. Christ, Principal, Olive J. Dodge Elementary School


“We have had many speakers brought in to speak to our team but none came close to the impact of Brandon’s presentation. He was, by far, the best motivational speaker we have ever had.” 

– Cole Stoudt, Clemson Football Player


“Brandon is a true professional motivator who speaks from the heart. His messages are packed with wisdom from life experiences. Thank you Mr. Maye for empowering our future generation of leaders.”

– Dr. Lawrence Roberts, PharmD, Alabama Kings Youth Association


“Brandon spoke at our 14th Annual Legislative Open House here in California. His message was so relatable to his audience. It was clear that he had done his research. We enjoyed how our students were so engaged by his delivery. He spoke of faith, determination, and hope. His charisma left an imprint on all who attended. I hope to have him back in California to speak soon.” 

– Lorreen R. Pryor, President, Black Youth Leadership Project


“Brandon came here to Baker County High School, in Glen St. Mary, Florida to speak to our players. He had such a powerful and uplifting message. I recommend that you all have Brandon come to your organization or company. He will do an amazing job.” 

– Ryan Sulkowski, Head Coach, Baker County High School Football Team


“I am Ken McElhaney with State Farm. I have been in the insurance business all my life. I know the business and know how to sell. Brandon Maye spoke to our team today. He was amazing. He reminded us of some important things: a sense of urgency, keeping our goals as a company first and foremost over our feelings, outworking the competition even when we are tired, and last, but most important, finishing the race. He connected with my team on a level I don’t think most motivators could have done. We will definitely be able to take his messages and use them, not only in business, but in life. Please have Brandon speak to your group, organization, school, or sales team…I promise you will come away with a renewed mindset.” 

– Ken McElhaney, State Farm Franchise Owner



“I would like to start off by saying that God does things for a reason and that’s how Brandon and I met. It was not by chance. He is a man of God, a man of character, and a man on a mission. I am now proud to call him a friend. His message to my staff was incredibly uplifting. He did a wonderful job of identifying and helping solve our challenges as a company. My staff is out there, basically in tears, saying this is one of the most significant experiences they have had, not only in their lives, but definitely while working with us at Long & Long Attorney’s at Law. I say for anyone who is considering booking Brandon, please get my email from his agent. I would love to personally tell you all that he has done for me and my company. Brandon is one of a kind. I can assure you there will not be another speaker on the market like him. We are lucky to have this man in the world with us.”

– Bennett Long, President, Long & Long Attorney’s at Law


“My name is Earle Long, President of Long & Long Attorney’s at Law. We had Brandon in to speak to our staff. He is a very good motivator. He is an amazing speaker. I personally encourage anyone that needs a good office motivational talk to connect with Brandon’s team and book him now. Don’t waste a second. After that presentation, I personally feel that soon his calendar will be jam-packed. He was excellent at inspiring our employees and officers to get motivated and bring their ‘A’ game everyday. I highly recommend Brandon!”

– Earle Long, President, Long & Long Attorney’s at Law


“I am Tricia Dailey of Virginia College. I am head of Student Services. I had the honor of hearing Brandon Maye speak to our students today. He was a phenomenal speaker. It was so dynamic! We couldn’t have asked for a better speaker. I guarantee you, he will be back at Virginia College. Our students are talking about him all through the halls. All you hear is “Mr. Maye, Mr. Maye.” They are already asking us when he will be back. They are looking forward to hearing him again. I also got so much out of it personally. It took me back to where I came from. The connection he made with our students made our investment to bring him in worth it. He definitely activated my ‘A’ game. If you get the opportunity to call on his services, don’t wait, because I promise you, you will not regret it.”

– Tricia Dailey, Head of Student Services, Virginia College