Brandon Maye Diamond In the Rough Book
Brandon Maye Diamond In the Rough Book



Drawing upon the desire to succeed and a love of football, Diamond in the Rough, chronicles Brandon’s story of overcoming negativity and turning stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.

“Diamond in the Rough speaks with candor and compassion and is a must read from anyone who has experienced overwhelming disappointments and hardships in their life.  He extends a heartfelt challenge that anyone from any walks of life can embrace.”

—Eric Thomas, Renowned Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

“Without pressure diamonds wouldn’t exist and without Brandon’s struggles we wouldn’t get this gem of a book.”

—Jon Gordon, Bestselling Author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp 

“Brandon’s story is not just another football book. Brandon’s story is, instead, a story of a young man who displayed a great deal of faith, courage, and determination to inspire others to dream big. As you read this enthralling story, you will see why I am so proud of this guy. I would book him repeatedly just to hear his story over and over again.”

—Emmitt Smith, NFL Hall of Fame Member, Franchise Owner, & Bestselling Author